Katrien Baert

Katrien Baert
As an experienced data scientist, Katrien is fascinated by data and formulas. She uses Teamleader data to discover trends and patterns. These concrete insights make up a sound basis for developing functionalities most valuable to our users. Katrien believes data can have a huge impact on working more efficiently and she’s eager to share her learnings in order to help you work smarter.

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Le aziende vendono il 23% in più e con un aumento del ritmo di vendita del 35% grazie a Teamleader

Katrien Baert Katrien Baert on 18-giu-2019 11.03.45 in Vendite e Marketing

In un precedente post del blog, abbiamo spiegato come Teamleader ti aiuta a gestire il funnel e ad ottimizzare il processo di vendita.